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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Organize and Declutter (Day 6 of Thirty-Day Challenge for a More Meaningful Life)

Day 6. Organize and Declutter. Let go of something in your closet.
I read somewhere that attachment to material things create a void inside you. Letting go of a thing or two from your closet is the start of escaping the prison of materialism.
Good order is the foundation of all things. –Edmund Burke-
A visit to my walk-in closet and dressers made me realized that I have tons of clothes that I don’t wear anymore at all. As I organized, I made a decision of which clothes to let go. After hours of folding and arranging, twelve drawers, two ottoman storage, and a walk-in closet are more orderly. Simple action that made me feel more productive and efficient.
Reflection: Good order is the foundation of all things. –Edmund Burke-

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