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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Filstop Review- A Filipino online store

Their packaging was really good!

Today, I finally received my online order from Filstop. I chanced upon this online store through a Facebook ad. I’ve been looking for a more convenient way of shopping for Filipino foods and Filstop was the answer. For somebody who lives thousands of miles away from familiar cuisine, it’s a joy to find this.  I used to shop at the Asian store about 35 minutes from where we live but the number of Filipino products at Filstop was just amazing. Here’s a review about my first order!

Web Usability:
The presentation of information and choices was clear and concise. The buttons for ordering were easy to understand and there’s no ambiguity since they also provide information about the products. Check- out was also stress-free and I was able to navigate the whole process without difficulty. Several clicks and I was done. 

Product Price and Availability:
I personally think that price of the products was fair enough. Comparing some of their products to Amazon, it shows that Filstop is way cheaper. In terms of product availability, I guess it exceeded my expectation. Who would have thought that I'd find ‘itlog maalat’, ‘alamang’, ‘Bagoong Balayan’, and even ‘Quizon pancit’? I was too excited whenever I type the name of the product and they have several choices available. There are some products marked out of stock but it also happens even in other online stores. I removed my frozen products order when I saw that there’s a charge for special frozen package. 

Delivery Process:
I placed my order January 22 and received an email confirmation the same night that my order was completed. Several days after that, I tried checking for an update but heeded no info when I tried typing the order number. On January 27, I received an email informing me that a ‘Fedex label was printed and order awaiting pick-up’. Expected delivery was late in the afternoon of Wednesday. Using the tracking number, I was finally able to check for updates of my package until I received it though FedEx today, January 31, Wednesday, 9:40 a.m.

Packing and Completeness of Ordered Items:

Packing was excellent. There were no broken bottles and all my items were in perfect condition. I received all my ordered items and the arrangement was meticulously done. I am a bit disappointed that some products like Argentina corned beef and sandwich spread were not made from the Philippines but I think it’s not really a big deal (I hope so. I haven't tasted yet the ones not made in the Philippines.)

Is it worth the wait (January 22-31)? I think it is. Nothing beats the taste of food which reminds me of the Philippines. After enjoying my pork ‘binagoongan’ tonight, I am definitely going to have my monthly order.

Note: Filstop is more than an online store. Check their website here for more info. 

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