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Friday, September 07, 2018

Be of Service for a Greater Cause (Day 7 of the Thirty-Day Challenge for a More Meaningful Life)

Day 7 of the Thirty-Day Challenge for a More Meaningful Life.
The world is bigger than us and the responsibility to make an impact to the life of others is way deeper than any moral principles. It’s been my ultimate dream to make a difference in the life of others but the desire and the realization is way more complex than words could ever describe.
However, my dream is going to be realized soon. For a month, I have been working on my online store. Initially, it was just the thought of doing something while I am working on building my website and page followers. Then, I realized that I could use it for something bigger.
So, today I decided that for every product purchase in my store, I will donate a Smile Kit for one child in an impoverished place in the Philippines. The Smile Kit will contain basic necessities such as toothbrush, toothpaste, and school supplies. They are simple things that we often take for granted in life but will have a significant impact on the life of others.
If you want to be a part of this simple project, please help me by visiting my online store, English and Art Solutions.
Online store for a cause. Up to 80% Off .
Reflection: Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count. –Stella McCartney-

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